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In manufacturing you deal with numerous parts and components from different suppliers every day. We help simplify your processes. For example, with our “Ready-to-use” assembled components you can reduce your assembly steps & suppliers resulting in lower process costs and throughput time, or make processes even simpler with customized packaging options, marking and surface treatment.


Trelleborg Sealing Solutions simplifies your value chain by delivering "ready-to-use" assembled components.

Common Assembly Process

The typical assembly process requires individual handling and logistics for multiple components from various suppliers, including:

• Purchasing

• Procurement

• Receiving inspection

• Warehouse management

• Distribution to External Workbench

Assembly Process with ServicePLUS

By using Trelleborg´s Assembly Services, our customers take care of logistics and handling for only one item, instead of multiple individual components. ServicePLUS Assembly Services offer a wide variety of benefits for your business, including:

• Simplified restocking

• Reduced number of suppliers

• Components delivered directly to
production line

• Assembly performed by experts,
providing increased security against
damage to single components

• Decreased quality costs

Special Handling

Special Handling offers an assortment of packaging solutions together with additional services that optimize the mounting and handling of seals in the manufacturing environment. 

Reusable transparentplastic tubes – easy to store or use in automated environments.
Special Marking
Individual marking and engraving for easy item recognition and tracking.
Surface Treatment
Coating and surface modifications for elastomer or plastic products to optimize assembly and application.
Automated Inspection
Fully automated and highly flexible visual inspection of seal dimensions and surface properties.


QuickSeal is Trelleborg´s expedite sealing solutions, which respond to your short-notice design and manufacturing needs.

Solutions Along The Entire Product Lifecycle

With QuickSeal, your short-notice sealing needs are covered at every step of your value chain, and your product life cycle.

To simplify your Manufacturing, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions provides, for instance, machined or molded seals in fully flexible series sizes. Depending on the material and production method, some seals are even manufactured in a day. This gives you time to focus on your core manufacturing activities. 

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ServicePLUS offers a wide variety of services including:
Special Handling
Digital Tools
Engineering Support Services

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