Hydrogen Technology Expo 2023

Bremen, 27 - 28 September

Partner with Trelleborg to benefit from our:

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As the smallest and lightest element, hydrogen requires unique, innovative, tailor-made sealing solutions capable of performing in the most challenging high-pressure and low-temperature environments.

As a global leader, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions partners with customers to develop and manufacture custom solutions for your applications. Utilizing our experience and advanced, in-house testing facilities, we offer an ever-growing range of hydrogen-specific H2Pro™ materials. This range is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications including compressors, electrolyzers, equipment for the storage and transportation of compressed hydrogen gas and liquid hydrogen, valves, hydrogen turbines, fuel cells and hydrogen combustion engines.

Join us at Hydrogen Technology Expo 2023! Meet our team of experts and learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

For more information about the tradeshow, please go to https://www.hydrogen-worldexpo.com/.

If you have questions regarding Hydrogen Technology Expo 2023 or wish to speak to our Hydrogen Team, our experts are happy to help you.



Our H2-ready materials, including H2Pro™ EBT25 and Zurcon® H2Pro™ ZLT, optimize the performance of applications across the hydrogen value chain. They effectively seal in extreme temperatures and pressures, withstand rapid gas decompression and demonstrate enhanced resistance to permeation.
H2Pro™ Materials

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Designed for high pressure, cryo-compressed and liquid hydrogen applications, our H2Pro™ Turcon® PTFE and composite solutions are suitable for a wide range of uses, including valves, filters, connectors, pumps and compressors.

Thermoplastic Solutions

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Our precision rubber-to-metal bonded parts are robust and offer advantages in quality, performance, and handling. With our expertise in bonding elastomers to metals, we tailor these components to your most challenging requirements, utilizing specialized materials and tooling technologies.
Rubber-to-Metal Solutions

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